July 15, 2013

supposed to be

every time i visit branson (aka "Btown" or "hillbilly vegas"), i question my decision-making skills. that little ozark mountain town casts a spell on me and i wonder how i ever managed to leave in the first place. in case you don't remember, it was gut-wrenchingly hard. but i usually snap out of the spell and i'm overwhelmed with gratitude that the Lord allowed me to stumble upon kanakuk and branson to become a local for 3 years. it's a special place for me. always a home.

i just got back from 5 days in missouri and i've returned to eastern standard time a much nicer person. i feel encouraged, refreshed, and like i can finally see a break in the clouds. grin. getting face time with some of my dearest friends and friends turned family is always a treat. i'm nothing short of amazed at how our relationships continue to thrive despite the 1000 mile separation.

[side note: i'm praying that God sees fit to give us the new earth now and rearrange the US geography to place MO next to NC. you've been warned.]

as i caught myself in that spell of wondering how i could ever have left in the first place, i was reminded of the truth that God has me right where He wants me for a reason. my time with kanakuk was a short season, but it was a tremendous blessing with a lifelong impact.

my high school english teacher asked us one simple question every day. i didn't recognize the wisdom in it at the time and typically rolled my eyes when she asked it, but now i just smile when i think of her. mrs. goffin would faithfully ask, "is there anywhere else you would rather be?" (like i said, i rolled my eyes. what high schooler wants to be in english class??) now, however, i realize she was helping foster an attitude of contentment with where the Lord has me in each season of life.

so, while there are days i wish i'd never left branson, i know i'm where i'm supposed to be. that town will always feel like home. i will always go back to visit my friends turned family there. part of my heart remains in the ozarks and always will, but i know i'm exactly where i need to be. and, in that, i rest with anticipation.


live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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