July 18, 2013

in christ alone

image credit: pinterest

it's no secret that i grew up living in a bubble of sorts. don't hear me wrong: i'm not complaining. that bubble gave me extended exposure to Adventures in Odyssey, McGee and Me, and Psalty the Songbook among other things.

one of the "other things" that bubble gave me was my first encounter with my all time favorite song: in christ alone. granted, the version we listened to in mom's van on repeat was by michael english. on a cassette tape. and while i love that version for nostalgia's sake, i like the newsboys version more, and kristian stanfill's version even more than that.

so without further ado, grab your cup of coffee (or tea or diet coke) and let the Truth of this song wash over you. if you find yourself wanting to stand and shout amen, you wouldn't be the only one. just saying.


live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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