December 6, 2012

charlotte :: clarity & courage

i've written about my board of directors (affectionately known as my BODs) on here before, but i can't express enough just how important they are to me. they're some of the first ones to know my life details ranging from the mildly important to the life changing. they're my sounding board and my voices of reason and wisdom. they know how to question my motives and then encourage and build me up by speaking my love languages loud and clear. they stand with me to celebrate and challenge me when i need it.

needless to say, i absolutely love sharing my life with them. but for the sake of your time and my desire to delay the onset of carpal tunnel syndrome, i'll just suffice it to say that, individually and collectively, they are one of the biggest blessings in my life.

so what's my point?

well, once again my BODs have pulled through in their beyond awesome ways. my life is about to get even more crazy awesome than usual and these men and women are standing by my side (not literally...don't go thinking that i'm about to announce an engagement. i'd need a man first.). however, my heart is bursting with anticipation and excitement over what the Lord is doing. God is proving Himself faithful once again and proving that my plans are mediocre at best, while His are abounding in grace.

i've been praying for both clarity and courage over the last 5 months. clarity to know what the Lord wants for me and courage to act in faith once i know. that being said, i'm moving to back to the tar heel state in the spring when my lease runs out down here. charlotte to be exact.

[i made that sound neat and tidy, but, honestly, there's more uncertainty than certainty. it's pretty much how the Lord works in my life, so i shouldn't be surprised at this point.]

i don't have a job lined up and i don't know where i'll live...but this territory is all too familiar for me as i step out in faith trusting the Lord to provide. i know He's faithful to provide and He's going before me. the Lord is doing something big. i'm not entirely sure what yet, but He's working. and i'm hopeful.

i'm patiently waiting and seeking. and i'm faithfully calling & texting my BODs for moral support on the days when i question the sanity of this whole shindig. thanks to each of you (and also mom, pops, & the sis) for your support and encouragement during yet another crazy phase of life for me. i am one grateful girl.


live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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