December 9, 2012

Live Second: Addict

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[this week, i'll be blogging about the new book, Live Second: 365 Ways to Make Jesus First by doug bender. big thanks to doug for the opportunity to preview this devotional and help spread the word. this is post 1 of 4.]

before i jump in, i need to say that i love how short and powerful each day's devotion is. the social guru in me also loves that hashtags and QR codes are incorporated. big score.

alright, moving on.


"i do not understand what i do. for what i want to to i do not do, but what i hate i do."
[romans 7:15]

i know better than to think that i'm the only one that wrestles with not doing the things i should and doing the things i shouldn't. it looks different for all of us, but it's the same root issue. the desires of our hearts. i often hear the advice, "follow your heart." but is that really my best option? according to my man jeremiah, it's not.

"the heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. who can understand it?"
[jeremiah 17:9]

there is nothing in my heart that will lead me toward godliness and a life of joy and fulfillment. instead, it leads to destruction, dissatisfaction, and pain. as doug says, "there is something damaged and twisted in the heart of all of us, something that still rebels against God and His ways. that brokenness or twisted drive is sin." our sin is addicting, and, if we're honest, far more appealing to us at times. otherwise, we wouldn't keep going after it.

so given the fact that my heart is deceitful and i don't stand a chance on my own, my response has to be one of reckless abandon to turn my heart and my desires toward God. but it has to be intentional. it won't just kinda sorta happen one day maybe if i'm lucky accidentally. God is the only one who can lead me to rivers of joy and a life of abundance and blessing, but i have to seek Him. the life of a disciple of Christ must be consumed by the daily battle to turn your heart toward God and desire Him above all else.

the question is, what will be your addiction...the amusement of sin or the delight of God?


live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.


JTWisdom said...

We have to run to God because left alone it's easy to get caught up in the things of the world. I know that I have to have quiet time and pray, read, study and talk to God everyday. Is it easy, no. However it is something that I know that I must do to stay centered. If I miss the mark I have to repent and get up and move forward.

bekah brinkley said...

Thanks for the great insight, JTWisdom. Appreciate you stopping by!