November 18, 2012

weary but so worth it

to say i'm weary is an understatement. i've kept the skies hoppin' lately with my nonstop travel. seriously. my suitcase has been in a weekly cycle of pack-unpack-repack for 2 months now. i'm all for a good road trip (more like flights when you live in florida), but it eventually takes its toll on you. don't get me wrong though, the airline miles & points are completely worth the chaos. not to mention, the fun people on the receiving end of my trips make the chaos completely worth it.

all that to say, and for the sake of not falling too far behind on here, i'm taking the lazy route and giving you a photo recap of my trip to b-town last weekend. i hate saying goodbye and boarding the plane to leave branson, and i have been sick to my stomach (literally) the last two times i left. these friends are family and i just can't get enough. grateful is a gross understatement for how i feel.

rollercoasters with april before the SDC "run to the lights" 5k.

mary beth was my kamper back in the day. now she's doing the tute and becoming a branson local. i'm old.

post-race with tanya. we survived. and the hot chocolate was worth it.

throwin' deuces with shay shay and tanya.

my 15 year old best friend. obsessed.

baby shay shay is no longer a baby.

andy's with some branson faves. obvi.

boone girls are my long lost sisters. love them!

trish the dish is beyond words unbelievable. still learning so much from you, friend!

live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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