August 21, 2012


i have an obsessive personality.

for proof, just ask anyone who has had a conversation with me in the last two months and i guarantee the words "women's soccer" and "olympics" have come up multiple times. when i said i'd have olympic induced insomnia, i wasn't joking. i had myself on a stricter regimen for viewing the olympics than i had when i was in preseason training for Carolina. obsessed.

[i apologize in retrospect for the volume of tweets and facebook updates related to the olympics. athletic greatness and history being made was just too hard to resist.]

or ask my roommate. i made cheese quesadillas for dinner one night. and then i proceeded to make them for dinner 5 times a week for at least a month. obsessed.

or let's go back a little further to the fact that the high schoolers who worked at andy's frozen custard in branson, mo knew my order and also knew me as "the girl who works for kanakuk." if i was going to eat andy's every day, i was going to get my kamp employee discount. maybe every day was a bit much, so i eventually toned it down to 2-3 times a week. obsessed.

or how about the fact that i finished Hope Solo's book in less than 48 hours this weekend. i did nothing but read (and eat occasionally). obsessed.

all that being said, my challenge is to at minimum be as obsessed with the Word of God as i am with these other things. they will pass. only the Word of God will stand. shouldn't that be my obsession? a deeper, richer relationship with my God above all else? as steven curtis chapman would say, may He be my "magnificent obsession."


live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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