September 1, 2012

september is my favorite

september is my favorite month for several reasons. and because this is my blog, i'm going to make you read them and pretend to be just as excited as i am. drum roll please...

it's my birthday month!

i'm currently visiting my faves in branson!

i'm doing a reunion weekend in chapel hill with college teammates!

i'm going to an anjelah johnson comedy show in tampa with the parentals!

beth moore simulcast is on the agenda. love her passion for the Word.

i'm looking forward to the month of september like nobody's business. i mean, the only thing that could possibly make the month of september better is if some fall weather [read: cool crisp air and changing leaves] miraculously migrated itself to florida. that would be the creme to my brulee. but since i don't think it will, i'm enjoying a few more weekends by the pool and occasionally by the beach when i'm feeling really adventurous.


live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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