July 25, 2012

olympic induced insomnia

i have a feeling i won't be sleeping much between now and august 12th. as much as i love watching sports on tv, i make an absolute fool of myself with how much i stalk the olympics. i'm a sucker for a good personal story behind an athlete and will promptly become anyone's #1 fan if i see a documentary on them. or a team for that matter. i mean, i don't even like soccer that much (if you ask me, it's too much running and work for 1 or 2 goals when it's all said and done), but i'm more than a little obsessed with our women's soccer team. and our gymnastics team. and lolo. and misty & kerri...yep, i can't think of many things that could top the two weeks that consume my entire existence every four years.

if we're being honest, the olympics are partially responsible for willing me through preseason my freshman year of college. it makes it hard to complain about the pain, soreness, and exhaustion in your own life when you're watching history and sheer greatness play out before your eyes every day. athens 2004 was better than any icy hot or pool recovery workout.

that being said, if you haven't done your homework on a few members of Team USA who are not only the best in their sport, but also love Jesus a whole lot, let me enlighten you. i love [read: obsess over] watching Jesus peeps do their thing on the biggest athletic stage in order to create opportunities to bring Him glory.

so by all means, if you know of some other solid Jesus peeps i should stalk, let me know and i'll promptly add their event to my london 2012 master list. yeah, i'm not joking. i actually have a master spreadsheet with event times listed. like i said, i obsess.

so, in no particular order, here are some of Team USA's Jesus peeps who are boldly speaking His name every chance they get. [take a minute and read the articles. they may be a little long, but they're worth it. i promise.]

U-S-A!! U-S-A!!

live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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