February 9, 2011


33609. that's where i'm headed. i'm sure lots of people are booking flights down there in the coming months. so am i. well, i'm not booking a flight so to speak, but i am on a one-way trip to Tampa, FL. i'm taking the plunge and making a "why not?" move while i can. yep, you heard me. moving. as in, packing all my stuff. filing for a change of address. getting a new driver's license. putting on my big girl panties and making a change. moving.

what the heck?

i know, i thought the same thing. totally out of character for a super-planner, non-risk taker like myself. (disclaimer: i'm a huge thrill-seeker and sucker for risk-taking in that department, but not when it comes to big life decisions....stability dictates most of my big decisions). but, here i am, announcing to the blogging world that i'm moving to Tampa. i have a fabulous friend Becca that lives down there, so i'm moving into her batch pad with her and can't wait to do daily life together. fro yo date nights are a definite must.

leaving my friends and community in Branson will be insanely challenging. i'm already dreading the tough conversations that will inevitably take place as i say my goodbyes and pull out of Branson. so not a fan. anyone wanna hop in my car and come with me?

i love this little quirky town. if you don't believe me, re-visit this previous post. the people here are cream of the crop phenomenal. and i'm humbled to be part their lives on a daily basis. and if i could take them with me, i would. because of them, part of me will always be in Branson.

this is where i had my first "real job" and had to make it on my own. mom and dad didn't have connections for me to tap into or people they knew who could help me get on my feet. it was my turn to grow up and learn to survive. i've never seen the Lord more at work in my life than in the past 2.5 years. my "success" here was completely Him. He provided. He stretched me. He never failed me.

as i prepare to say goodbye to Branson and the fabulous friends i have here, i'm crazy sad. (and when i say Branson, that includes my faves in Springfield and Ozark too.) my heart may just rip out of my chest a few times when i look my kiddos in the face and tell them i won't be here to coach them again.

but i'm also bursting with eager anticipation to see what the Lord has for me in Tampa. i'll be the first to tell you that i hate the beach. i hate the sand. i hate salt water. i much prefer the lake and fresh water. but to Tampa i go. and i'm pumped. i don't doubt that the Lord has awesome opportunities in store for me down there. i'm trusting Him. He promises to be faithful. He has never failed me and never will. He always provides. i'm confident He'll provide this time around too.

i have just under 3 months to finish well here in B-town. there's still so much i want to accomplish before i leave. the hit list has been started. i also want to make this transition as smooth as possible, so your prayers are certainly welcomed. here's to taking a few risks and doing something big like moving halfway across the country without a job. eastern standard time...here i come!!


and just in case you need a little extra incentive to visit me, here are a few pics of my new stomping grounds and the beaches nearby. y'all weren't exactly chomping at the bit to visit me in "old people Vegas", but somehow i have a feeling you'll be a little more eager to visit me in the sunshine state...

our clubhouse
(credit: Becca Christensen)

our pool
(credit: Becca Christensen)

Tampa skyline
(credit: google "Tampa Bay" images)

Tampa/St. Pete beaches
(credit: google "Tampa Bay" images)

live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.


Becca Christensen said...

Well I, for one, couldn't be any more excited that the new is OUT! : ] Come on down.

Lindsey Marck said...

i'm down...see ya in Tamps. doesn't take much to get me to the beach! what a fun new life adventure, can't wait to see how the Lord uses you there!

Madison Mae Parker said...

Bekah!! i'm so sad you won't be at kanakuk this summer, but i know God's got AWESOMEAMAZINGSUGERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS plans for you! anddddd that just means i have an excuse to come to florida now! :)))

Britt said...

Bekah--how fun! I'm excited for you..can't wait to read all about the big move.

Carissa said...

hey bekah...just found your blog. so happy for you and your new adventure. but our table 38 reunions will NOT be the same without you! blessings! carissa