February 7, 2011

more memories

well, like i said in my previous post, chapel hill is a place that is near and dear to my heart and one that is full of memories. i knew i forgot a lot of things on my list of what i miss most about chapel hill, but i banked on someone who loves that town and university as much as i do to pull through for me and fill in the gaps.

christie clark, fellow tar heel and teammate, sent a list of things she misses from our four years together at carolina. i'm sure the two of us could go on for hours, but we'll spare you. enjoy her faves!!

  1. Turning on the locker room showers five minutes before going in because it took that long for the water to warm up
  2. Running 20 50's in the indoor track because you knew that as soon as you were done with the 300, you didn't have to do it again for 365 days
  3. Watching fireworks from the avery balcony with the baseball field full of sounds
  4. Sitting outside of the Daily Grind on those just-right spring mornings, with a latte and the Daily Tar Heel in hand.
  5. My favorite day of the year in Chapel Hill:  the day that the new mulch was poured and spread over the dry, dull, threadbare mulch-carpet at the end of winter.
  6. Putting on my Chase Dining Hall outfit: old sweatshirt and pants that I would never wear anywhere else, because no matter how many times I washed them, they still smelled like Chase.
  7. The huge, plush couches in Graham Memorial on a cold, rainy day with the sound of espresso machines in the background, warmed by the fireplace.
  8. Christmas in August. [note: earning our Carolina team gear in August was sometimes actually better than Christmas]
  9. The sound of the band playing when we ran out for hitting warmups.  The sound of the band playing when we won.  The sound of the band playing when we lost. The sound of the band playing on Saturday afternoons.  The sound of the band playing in my sleep.
  10. Beating dook.  In anything. [i told you that's how it's spelled...d-o-o-k]
  11. All-nighters at the UL.  Write, vending machine, write, facebook, write, Coke, write, facebook, write, candy, write, think "oh crap, why did I procrastinate?", write, print, sigh of relief.
  12. Getting lost in Venable, both geographically and academically.
  13. One of the few bad memories of Chapel Hill: A tough spring upper body workout the day after getting a tetanus shot in my right arm.
  14. Mike passing out "lucky gum" before matches.
  15. Never being able to decide which was better, the nachos from Carrburritos or those from Top of the Hill.  Eating them incessantly to try to find the answer.  Obviously.
  16. 4 to 4, because I got to set.  Not because I had to play middle back.
  17. Preseason in un-airconditioned Fetzer.  Games in un-airconditioned Carmichael.  Seriously, they will never be the same.  
thanks for the memories, chris!! meet you in the pit at noon?


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