January 31, 2011

branson missouri

it's not every day you can claim a top 10 vacation destination as home. turns out my little town of branson is just that. who knew? seriously, before you start doubting me, look at this list from the travel channel.

now, i don't know about you, but i'd love to call several of the other nine places home. especially paris, london, or rome.  stamp that passport. yes, please! but, before i go daydreaming of making my home abroad, let me share with you some of my personal branson faves. from a local if you will...
  1. Tanger outlet malls. dangerous for the budget, but so fabulous!
  2. Andy's frozen custard. i joined the yum squad.
  3. SIX. a cappella awesomeness. best show. hands down. don't argue with me. go see it.
  4. discounts everywhere just for being a local
  5. Bleu Olive. best hummus i've ever tasted. fabulous mediterranean cuisine.
  6. Danna's BBQ. pulled pork nachos. hold the jalepenos. it's worth every calorie.
  7. Grand Country's indoor putt putt
  8. Silver Dollar City especially at christmastime. best hot cocoa ever. you can sip while you ride the train.
  9. hourly fire and fountain show at the Landing
  10. Dixie Stampede. just sit high enough to avoid dirt or horse hair landing in your food. no thank you.
  11. Whitewater. keep your eyes peeled for mullets and one-pieces with ruffles.
  12. my run route from Alexander Park, down the Landing boardwalk, past the round-about, and ending in Stockstill Park. do a 180 and repeat in reverse order.
  13. Tijuana Willie's. arguably as good as Chipotle. i love that they say, "have a willie nice day" when you leave.
  14. White River Fish House chocolate chip cookie skillet dessert. insanely good!
  15. Japanese Kitchen. hole in the wall, but the best chicken fried rice i've ever had
  16. wander through the booths at Cadwell's downtown flea market. crazy good finds
  17. Vintage Paris coffee and wine shop. very charming and, surprisingly, they have great paninis!
  18. Big Cedar Lodge. what can you not love about Big Cedar? i especially love when Clay is entertaining with his country charm in the Buzzard Bar.
  19. Branson Ridge Winery. local is always the best. harmonie & sweet blossom are my two personal faves
  20. the IMAX and Elite Cinema III with 3D. yes, please!! i'm a sucker for 3D or IMAX any day of the week.
  21. and it goes without saying that Table Rock Lake is also a staple in the area. that's just a no brainer. lake. sunshine. duh!
hope you enjoyed my list of branson faves. i'm contemplating lists for a few other cities that are near and dear to my heart, but you'll just have to wait and see.


live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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Ashley said...

ok this is making me miss branson... can't believe i'd ever say that before. in other news i want to come down and experience the winery with you AND go see six again because i'm obsessed AND tijuana's is my favorite place in the world handsdown... BETTER than chipotle by far. my mouth is salivating at the thought of it. thanks beks. miss u. love u.