August 19, 2014

time to spill the beans

i can officially spill the beans now that all necessary parties have heard the news straight from this horse's mouth. yes, i just called myself a horse. i'm okay with it.

two weeks from today i will embark on a new adventure and i cannot be more humbled and grateful for the opportunity. i'm leaving my official role as grammar guru at family first and will join the student team at my church. teenagers of charlotte, brace thyselves. i'm comin' for ya!

a few weeks ago, a very wise friend [cough cough Tracy Mann] sent me a quick email with the following thoughts and i quickly jotted them on a post-it note.

ah, transitions...always a hilarious gut check of faith versus initiative.
personal desires versus God-given commands, peace versus worry.

i've kept that note within arm's reach since that day. change is never easy...especially when there are more options on the table than one can possibly take and one has no conceivable idea of how to even begin weeding out options. thankfully, patience proved to be the golden ticket and some of those options eliminated themselves. phew. God was gracious to me on more than one occasion. i'm a confident decision maker, but i don't make quick decisions. so, of course quick was needed in more than a few instances the last few months and it nearly took me down for the count. key word: nearly.

one reason i dislike change is that it often means delivering less than desirable news. i'd rather pour vinegar in my eyes than have to tell someone something i know they're unprepared to hear and won't want to hear. but, my excitement over what the Lord orchestrated with this new position at my church trumped that dislike of being the bearer of bad news and i powered through. God is so faithful and i love the fact that His timing is utterly insane yet perfect at the same time. it means i can't take an ounce of credit for any of this, which is precisely how i prayed it would be.

a huge thanks to each of you who have encouraged me and prayed for me through the utter chaos and uncertainty of the last three months of my life. i'm confident that this is precisely where the Lord wants me and i'm tickled silly that my gifts and passions will be used to their full in this new role. i have such a soft spot for teenagers. watching them get the Gospel is what makes my heart sing, so calling that a job is enough to make me want to dance in the streets. i'll spare the citizens of charlotte, but i assure you the desire to dance is there.

here's to feeling like i'll be firing on all cylinders again and using everything i've got for the sake of the Gospel. God is so good!


live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally


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Bekah, I'm thrilled for you! Kevin and I would like to contribute too!! Please email me your mailing address so that we can talk. My e-mail is
Hugs and Love in Christ Sister,