July 26, 2014

an unexpected wedding perk

if you know me at all, you know i spend a significant number of weekends on the wedding scene. i love to travel and can think of few reasons that are better for travel than a wedding...especially when said wedding is a for a dear friend.

i know of several people who have met their spouse at a mutual friend's wedding. you'd think the odds would be in my favor on this one given the number of weddings i attend, or am in, each year but so far no luck. instead, i have made a few unexpected yet fabulous new friends along the way and i'd call that a win. i mean, let's be real...you love the bride, i love the bride, why wouldn't we love each other and be friends? cue instant friendship and someone new to stalk know and love.

i had the absolute joy of spending quality time in texas with three of these unexpected fabulous friends last weekend. i flew into dallas for a weekend of wedding fun for a former kanakuk kamper turned friend and, as a result, got to steal quality time with these gems along the way.

jenn [joy's wedding]

sarah [tanya's wedding]

not that i didn't lurrrrve seeing all my texas peeps while i was there, but spending time with those three friends was especially sweet because it's such a powerful reminder of how the Lord designed us to be in community and how He orchestrates it in the most unexpected of ways. here's to my next wedding friend being my future husband? a girl can dream...


live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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