July 24, 2014

arthur: my first hurrication

i've mentioned here before about how much i love my #TopsailTime and the "people" i spend that week with every year. y'all, they are simply the best. on the real, i look forward to that week more than Christmas.

this year was a first though. we had our first ever hurrication (hurricane vacation). knowing that a storm was a brewin', i stole the chance to ride around the island in what was quite literally the calm before the storm. grin.

and before we could throw a genuine hurricane party, we women folk did a little shopping. naturally.

we then proceeded to hunker down with 20 of our closest friends (and 15-20 more in the house next door) to wait out the storm. that blue dot would be us as arthur was making his grand entrance...

[note: it was far less intense than we anticipated.]

during our hurricane party, we played a lot of cards, ate a lot of food, watched movies, and laughed constantly. we also managed to run across the beach access to scope out the waves between bands of wild wind and rain. we are a special kind of crazy, but we have fun memories to show for it!

in the middle of the storm, my Weather Channel app kindly notified me that Mecklenburg County (i.e. Charlotte) was under a severe thunderstorm warning. thanks for that...

here's to only having to wait 337 days until #TopsailTime 2015. it cannot come soon enough.


live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally

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