July 8, 2012

friends that feel like family

well, like i was hoping, my time on Topsail Island was perfect. i think i even described it as idyllic at one point. i mean, nothing beats biking to the beach every day, not seeing a single skyscraper or high rise condo, playing cards until the wee hours, family dinners with 20-30 people every night, and reading books with your toes in the water all day. yeah, that's idyllic if you ask me.

July 4, 2013 cannot come soon enough. i vow never to wait 5 years between Topsail vacations ever again. too much life, love, and laughter happens with my Topsail fam to let that happen again. these "people" (catch that, mom?) know how to do life together and i can only hope i do the same when i have a family of my own.

but for now, here's a brief collection of pics from the week. i didn't pull out my camera a single time unfortunately, so instagram pics will have to do. :)

heaven on earth.

puzzles are a brinkley fam tradition.

biking home along the sound.
bike riding.

mountain water. nothing compares.

pops trying to outsmart the beach chair. pesky little booger.

view of the sound.


live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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