August 13, 2013

laughing with dignity

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i don't know why i didn't discover this verse sooner. it's not like i didn't have ample opportunities in the past. i guess it just goes to show that you can read the bible with fresh eyes in every season of life. but, when i did read it and it sunk in a year or so ago, it resonated. i want my dignity.

i'm not so much a worrier as i am a planner. i have my ideas and my goals, my lists and my dreams. and i work diligently to accomplish them and move on to the next. but, when things go awry or delay (and they always do), i can choose fear and frustration or i can choose to trust. trust requires strength and patience. 

patience isn't my strongest trait. so yeah, about that.

however, this verse says i can be clothed in strength and dignity. i think the opposite is fear. somehow i just don't envision a dignified woman as one who is paralyzed by fear. perhaps she looks at fear and simply laughs. with confidence, that is. she knows that she's not in control but that's a good thing. Someone greater is in control and that's what brings peace and confidence. 

a confidence that can lead to laughter. a laughter that restores dignity and the ability to forsake fear and live with joy.

so yes, i want to spend the remainder of my days laughing with dignity. join me?


live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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