October 26, 2012

forsake fear and take courage

i wish i could say that i coined that phrase..."forsake and take"...but i didn't. my girl Beth Moore did. after the simulcast i went to in september, Beth posted this blog with a link to download a PDF chock full of scripture to defeat fear.

fear. you know, the kind that threatens to swallow you whole and only leave a chip of your nail polish as identifying evidence. or maybe it's the kind of fear that takes you just a little bit off your game. whatever your fear is, trade it in. it's not worth it. be bold and take heart in the Lord. be courageous and trust Him in uncertainty, in pain, in failure. you name it.

if you're like me, fear rears it's ugly head every single day like those pesky little black heads that threaten to become a zit. sorry, that's gross. just being honest here. but like i was saying...fear is an everyday thing in my brain in some form or fashion. that's why this booklet from Beth has been a lifesaver. and if something's a lifesaver for me, it's probably a lifesaver for someone else. which is why i've gotta pass it along.

i hope this is as encouraging for you as it has been for me.

(click to download and save/print)


live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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Anonymous said...

What a timely post..... I was just talking to my husband yesterday how fear grips me and makes me feel as if Im in a straight jacket. Its funny cause with my mind I see the way out, I see the clear path, but physically I feel frozen and unable to move. Thank you Jesus for the Holy Spirit!!!