July 21, 2013

a life well lived

that's what we all want, right? if we're honest, we want a life well lived. sure, we all want lots of things, experiences, etc. but at the end of the day when we're in our last days, we want to be able to say ours was a life well lived. now, that may mean all sorts of things to all sorts of people, but it only takes a short read through Scripture to know that things will fade but our impact on the lives of others will remain.

Gran's life was a life well lived. she lived each day with purpose and lived to serve the Lord and others. we sang a familiar song in church today and the last verse seemed a fitting summary of Gran's final days. she is rejoicing in paradise with her Savior as we speak and that, my friends, is cause to celebrate.

and on that day when my strength is failing
the end draws near and my time has come
still my soul will sing Your praise unending
ten thousand years and then forevermore


live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.


victoria said...

My prayers are with you guys, for peace and healing ...because I am sure Kathryn is smiling down on you guys from heaven today. I love you.

bekah brinkley said...

Thanks, Vic. Love y'all!