August 1, 2013

wind in my hair

there's something about the feel of wind in my hair that i can't adequately put into words. it won't stop me from trying though.

it's a sense of freedom, abandonment of all things responsible and grown-up, and exhilarating all rolled into one. i'm unrestrained. i feel God's presence. i feel alive.

you may laugh at me, but it doesn't matter how the wind is in my hair (unless said hair is in my face and i feel like i'm caught in a mangled mess of strands). i get the same feeling if i'm on a bike, a roller coaster, the front of a boat, or cruising with the top down. and by golly, it's "dad gum therapeutic" as my dad would say. it's refreshing. for a moment, the stress and chaos my day is gone and i'm free to let my hair down and, if i'm bold, throw my hands up in the air too.

this post really doesn't have a point or some lesson to be learned. moreso just an observation about life and what makes me happy. this yellow bike made me happy for a week at the beach. best $50 i've spent in a long time. grin.

so to anyone who bothered to read this...if you have a boat and want to take me to my happy place, my calendar is now wide open. i can always make time for the lake. or, should you own a convertible and want to loan it to me for a joy ride on a sunday afternoon, that would work nicely too. i'm flexible. ;-)

here's to wind in my hair and a spirit that feels alive and free.


live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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