April 18, 2013

coming to fruition

well y'all, it's one week from today. this time next week i'll hopefully be on the outskirts of jacksonville headed on to savannah and then to charlotte. it's crazy to think that day is almost here since this hope of moving home to north carolina really came to fruition last august. eight months later, here i go!

quick update: the Lord graciously threw a hiccup in my steps last week after i applied for a condo rental and i spent all weekend praying for favor and a big fat YES from the owner. i got that YES on monday and was overjoyed (still am). i have a new home! in all of this, i'm reminded that God wants the glory and it's never anything that i do....it's always Him. always.

my new home!!

i posted this on facebook and twitter, but it's worth reiterating. it seems like every time i turn around, God makes another connection for me in charlotte...

i run across someone from high school
reconnect with someone from childhood
someone offers to have me over for dinner
someone offers to show me around
someone wants to meet for coffee or lunch
a friend wants me to meet her friend when i get there
someone offers to help me get plugged in at my new church

...you get the picture: community. it's a beautiful thing. i already feel home and i'm not even there yet. God is so good. His blessings blow me away time and time again.

all that being said, i'll be off the grid for a bit while i adjust and get settled in my new home. but i can't wait to call myself a north carolina resident again. come visit me!


live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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