May 4, 2013

settling isn't so bad

well, when i told you i'd be off the grid...i guess i meant it. i get terrible cell service inside my new condo so it took a hot minute to get all things technology working again. that being said, hopefully i'm back. i can't promise that i'll blog consistently, but i'm back. interpret that however you wish.

moving on...

i went on a run yesterday and had a moment of revelation as i was sucking wind on the last hill. [note to self: when you haven't run since december, running hills is a bad idea. abruptly going from florida terrain to north carolina terrain is also a bad idea] so as i was finishing my run, this thought hit me and nearly made me stutter step...

there is uncertainty in charlotte, but it's accompanied by hope and expectancy.
tampa was uncertainty accompanied by restlessness and frustration.

i don't know what this means or how things will play out. maybe i need to go for another run and it'll hit me again?? seriously though...i have no idea what lies ahead for me in my new city, but it excites me. i never want to leave. i would love to be here forever. those are words i haven't uttered in a really long time. i can see glimpses of why the Lord took me where He did in missouri and florida, but i don't see the big picture. that's His job. however, i do feel like i'm finally home. my heart is at rest. i'm feeling settled. this doesn't feel like another stop along the way. and that's refreshing to this wearied soul.

on that note, i have a few more boxes to unpack and things to put away before a certain sista friend roommate arrives next weekend. did i mention that? my one-and-only sista friend is moving in y'all. she's graduatin' and got an internship. yay God!

now come visit us!


live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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