October 11, 2012

colorful colorado

colorful colorado. it's not called that arbitrarily. this past weekend was jaw-droppingly (yep, another new word) beautiful. i don't even think you have to be a leaf nerd like myself to be caught gasping for breath. and not because of the altitude. i think God was in a reeeeeeally good mood when He created colorado. see for yourself.

kat's front yard. stunning!

white river national forest.

standing atop the continental divide with brad and kat.

aspen trees in aspen, co.

hillside on independence pass.

camping in the maroon bells.

breakfast burritos!

brad and kat were fabulous hosts and made my trip to denver (and aspen) absolutely wonderful. so much so that i contemplated moving into the guest room and calling my roommate to tell her to donate my florida clothes and ship my fall and winter wear to me.

yeah, it was just that wonderful.

it might have a little something to do with the fact that kat is one of my all-time favorite people on the planet and i could spend infinite amounts of time with her without being annoyed or bored, but that's beside the point.

[there aren't many people in the world that i can say that of without lying a little. but kat's one of them.]

kat earned the ultimate adventure buddy status back in 2009, and it was fun to see her world and get a visual on what her life is like in colorado. i've been wondering for a solid 2 years now. 'bout time i made my way out there.

the weekend was a smashing success and i am so grateful for friends that feel like family and for the chance to get away and be refreshed. and fill my lungs with quality oxygen once again.

tomorrow i'm homeward bound. fall does something to my soul that the other three seasons just can't match. if you ask me, it's pretty cheap therapy for a florida girl like myself.


live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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Anonymous said...

I could not agree wiht you more about colorado. I have family in the springs and I've also taken a trip to littleton and both were absolutely amazing! Your camping trip looked coooooooold. did you pack an extra pair of long johns? Or should I call them Long Janes.... *wink* thanks for sharing your fun...