October 21, 2012

we do

it's wedding season once again for this girl. three weddings in three days. and another one coming up this week. i know. it's crazy. let's just establish that out front and move on because that's not the point of this post.

while it's true that weddings are one giant party with your favorite people, delicious food, cake, drinks, and plenty of dancing and pictures....that's not the point.

the point is that the Gospel is on display.

the families and wedding party aren't the only ones standing in agreement with the bride and groom on their wedding day. every single person there is agreeing to hold the couple accountable for a lifetime. in essence, when you RSVP 'yes' on that snazzy little invite card you got, you're saying...

"we do"

so don't take it lightly. you might be there to party, but most importantly...you're there to hold the newlyweds to their covenant vow of marriage. to encourage them to honor one another and display the Gospel through their marriage every single day. that's what a wedding is all about. it's fun to party, but the Gospel on display and a lifetime of accountability is the real purpose.

all that being said, one of my best friends married the woman of his dreams and is now officially man and wife. i'm so grateful for Corey's faithful friendship and his example of Biblical leadership. and i'm grateful for Steph's example of confidence and security in Christ. what a blessing to have this man and woman in my life long term. here's a little picture recap from friday night's fun.

every girl needs a man friend like Corey. so blessed by you!

beautiful lady with a beautiful heart to love and serve for a lifetime.

Corey didn't waste any time.

happy marriedness, y'all! loved celebrating with you. put the Gospel on display.


live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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