October 4, 2012

heading a mile high

well blogger friends, i'm headed to denver this weekend to visit the bestie and her semi-new hubs. you may recall that i jet-setted (new word, embrace it) down to NOLA for their wedding in may and had a blast.

when i booked my flight for this weekend, i was instructed to google "maroon bells." why? oh, because that's where we're camping this weekend. it looks a little something like this...

jaw. on. floor.

i booked the flight last minute (about 3 weeks ago) and the day has finally arrived. i kid you not when i say that i've been giddy enough to border on needing a pair of depends to keep from peeing all over myself with excitement. the good news about booking this trip so last minute is that i haven't had to wait forever and a day to get on the plane. oh praise the gift of spontaneity.

[fyi: kat is single-handedly responsible for any ounce of spontaneity you find in me.]

that being said, in t-minus 9 hours, i'll be a mile high (is it really a mile high?) in denver embracing mountain time. fall leaves and 50 degree weather....here i come!!!!


live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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