June 30, 2012

i'm on "topsail time"

i'm not a beach girl. never have been. probably never will be. but since i've been a floridian for a little over a year now, i've learned to appreciate the beach. i don't love it, but i can enjoy it.

on that note, i'm headed to the beach with my fam today! i haven't been to the beach with them in 5 years. yes, 5. we used to go every summer and my fam has continued to go without me. but this year, i'm back in the game.

we're headed to topsail island, nc. (that's top-sul, not top-sale). mind you, this is the place where i experienced my first blistering sun burn as i got lost for hours. but it wasn't my fault, honestly. let me explain myself...

13 year old bekah and 12 year old katie head off down the beach to act grown up and eat at the grille on the pier all by ourselves. (with parental permission of course.) we eat. it’s delicious. then we head back along the road instead of the beach.

katie gets sick. starts running for the house. i re-route and walk along the beach to tell her fam what happened. i walk. and walk. and walk. until the beach starts wrapping around in an oval.

at this point, i realize i’ve walked to the end of the island and have no clue where i am. our fams left the beach (without telling us) and pulled all their chairs away from the water where they last were. since i didn’t know which public access we used (and there are several), i now have no clue where i am. (well, i knew i was on topsail island in the state of nc, but that didn’t do me much good). awesome.

at this point, i’ve been walking for approximately 2 hours in desperate need of a sunscreen re-application. [insert blistering shoulders]. but not to fear, the genius inside of me vaguely recalls seeing a "13" at the beginning of our rental house number. so i high tail it to the road and start searching for the 13s. i’m in the 20s and nowhere near the 13s. super.

then, as if it were a mirage, pops comes barreling down the road in our teal ford windstar to sweep me up. (apparently, i had the fams worried and they sent the men out looking for me.) you'd think the lost son had returned from his wayward ways when i walked in that door. and the AC nearly knocked me over, but hey, i'll take it.

moral of the story: if you leave for lunch with a friend, tell your family to leave their beach chairs as a marker so you know how to get home. and take sunscreen with you.

moving on...i'm super pumped for some family time, which will definitely include canasta, bocce on the beach, and floating in the waves to appease mom among other things. and i'll do my best to avoid a repeat lost adventure.

so until further notice, i'll be disconnected and on what we like to call "topsail time."


live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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