June 18, 2012

happy anniversary!!

june 18, 1983. that's the day these two promised forever. and i'm so grateful they did. i mean, i wouldn't be here if they didn't. mom and dad may have seemed a little crazy in the beginning (only 7 dates before their wedding?!), but it's pretty evident that the Lord was in it from the beginning. 29 years later they love each other unselfishly and still like each other too. to that, i say well done!

i'm blessed to have parents who love and honor the Lord and one another. i never questioned my parents' love for one another or for the Lord as i was growing up. i never feared that any of their disagreements would lead to divorce. [i can't say arguments because i don't remember ever hearing them raise their voices at one another in front of me and i certainly never heard them call each other names. now, i know good and well that they disagreed on things from time to time because i've been there to hear it, but that's normal. at least if you have a pulse.]

all that to say, i'm so grateful for parents who model what a godly marriage is. mom and pops, thanks for modeling Christ's love for anna and me so well and for staying committed to each other for life. love you both!!


live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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