May 18, 2012

everyone needs a respite

i operate under the belief that everyone needs a respite.

res · pite /ˈrespət/
  • a short period of rest or relief from something difficult or unpleasant.
  • a short delay permitted before an unpleasant obligation is met or a punishment is carried out.

and i believe we need them often. ask me a few years ago and i'd tell you with my mouth, but i wouldn't actually follow through. i'm a doer. and respiting (yes, i just made that a word) requires being. doing is tossed to the wayside and being is the priority. nothing to do. and all day to "do" it.

this past weekend was my respite. after a crazy two months of travel, i needed to get away. coaching, visiting, bridesmaiding, and moving are all fun....but they can wear a girl out when there's no break in between. by the time i got to our work event on saturday morning, i was spent. as one coworker put it, i was a "ray of sunshine" that morning. note the oozing sarcasm in that statement. needless to say, when the clock struck 12:45 and we were dismissed, i hit the interstate faster than flies can find a fruit salad.

three hours later, this is where i arrived. i exhaled. i smiled. and i repeated.

i spent the next 3.5 days reading, laughing, walking, eating, and tanning in no particular order. being with ginny and her family is always a blessing, so having them in my state was a treat. and i'm now a huge fan of st. augustine. beach front house. secluded beach. sunshine. nicholas sparks novel. yeah, it doesn't take much to win my heart. ;)

here are some pics from my little getaway. i'm telling you, it was absolutely idyllic.

sunset in the living room/front deck

starting my day with Jesus

ending my day with a barefoot walk on the beach. complete with white linen pants blowing in the wind.

beach all to myself. nicholas sparks. bliss.

reading on the rocks overlooking the ocean.

yeah, i never wanted to leave.


live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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