May 11, 2012

my life is a trip

no, seriously. the past two months have been one giant trip. in the most literal sense of the word. about the time i get unpacked, i pack again. then i unpack. and pack again. repeat ad nauseum.

now, all these trips have been fun but let me make it known that i loathe packing. unpacking is a breeze. but packing is my enemy. that being said, i'm at it again.

after our All Pro Dad Father & Kids Experience at the Bucs stadium on saturday morning (tomorrow), i'm hitting the road to st. augustine, florida to spend some much needed down time with ginny and her sweet family. and i'm hoping to use the drive to catch up on some long overdue phone calls to friends who probably think i've fallen of the face of the planet the last few months. oops.

but seriously, i could not be more excited about this trip. our agenda will consist of reminding each other to roll over and re-apply sunscreen when needed. that, my friends, sounds divine after all the moving and flying and going that i've done lately. not to mention, her family is a riot. card games are a given and they're quite the competitive bunch. here's to hoping i can hold my own with the erwin clan. i'm sure there will be a recap blog with pictures to share. :)

happy weekending everyone. anyone else have fun plans you can't wait to start?


live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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