April 27, 2012

take a stand

i joined the trend. i stand. at my desk. every day. and type. sometimes i sit on a bar stool chair when i get tired, but for the most part, i stand.

mashable released an article recently and shared their research on the health benefits for standing, and while i'd like to say that i chose to stand for those reasons, i didn't. i had crazy neck pain. as in, couldn't turn my head to the left or right without shooting pain. woof. and since i don't make enough money to afford a chiropractor (if i want to eat) and insurance doesn't cover it, i had to find an alternative. i noticed my posture is better when i stand. so i stand. translation: less neck pain and fewer tension headaches. victory.

now, i still hunch over with rounded shoulders (thank you 12 years of volleyball), but it's a vast improvement from when i sit. awesome. and while i was at it, i also bought a blue foam balance pad that i stand on. it works my core and gives me something softer to stand on all day. no lower back pain for this girl either.

world news tonight did a feature on this trend a few months ago and highlighted how some offices are using treadmill desks. and don't think that i haven't jumped at every opportunity to mention it at work. the seed has been planted. i doubt it will take root. but in the meantime, this is my little setup in all it's glory.

anybody else out there a proud stander or strongly opposed to the trend?


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