April 26, 2012

gone to carolina

part of my weekend adventure in north carolina consisted of time in chapel hill, another one of my many homes. it has been a year since i was there and quite frankly, that's too long. after church on sunday, the sis drove me over to the hill and we snagged her boyfriend (jamale) for a trip out to maple view farm.

i realize i'm letting the cat out of the bag on this one, but it is seriously one of the best kept secrets in the chapel hill area. you need to go. awesome ice cream. rocking chairs on the front porch. open fields with cows for miles. glass bottled milk. it's almost like you step back in time...or at least forget that you're in college and have work to do.

i loved sneaking away for a few hours when i was at carolina and i try to go back each time i visit. naturally, sis and the boyfriend didn't put up much of a fight despite the fact that it was a warm 53 degrees and drizzling. ha! enjoy the picture recap.

because everything is better in carolina blue...even trash can liners

carolina crunch...my obvious flavor of choice

the boyfriend double fisting while the sis put her jacket on

i love the sis

well, aren't they cute?

after we warmed back up in the car, we dropped jamale off at his apt to head to work and the sis dropped me off at the davis' to spend the rest of the weekend with them. sadly, i was so excited to see them again (it's been 3? years), that i didn't take a single picture. major fail. thus, no more pics from the trip. but, i will tell you that the oldest is now a solid 12" taller if not more than the last time i saw him. sheesh! and the other two really couldn't be any sassier and cuter if they tried. i love that family and am grateful that they continue to welcome me into their home and their lives.


live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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