May 3, 2012

more than a basketball coach

well, there's big news for my tar heel basketball fans out there. and college basketball fans in general. or just anyone who watches espn on the regular. i can finally open my big mouth that i've been keeping shut for the past week and a half. hubert davis is now officially the assistant basketball coach at north carolina. yay hubert!!!!

i'm so excited for this chapter in the davis' lives. and while i know it will be a fun change to have hubert home on (more) weekends, i know it will also bring a brand new set of challenges for their family. and if i'm being completely honest, i'm mourning the fact that there will no longer be fun college game day commercials of hubert to enjoy. (my all-time fave is "duke boy" shown below.)

his wife leslie is a rock star. she knows how to challenge and encourage like nobody's business. and she is as honest as honest can be. in fact, i vividly remember our first "meeting" my junior year in college where she told me, and i quote, "i don't care if i offend you to the point that you don't want to speak to least until you have to come back and meet with me again next week." that's leslie. and that's why i love her. she boldly speaks Truth.

dinner with my parents and the davis' : may 2008

hubert and leslie : may 2008

i'm trusting that the Lord will use hubert and leslie in the lives of the guys on the team, the coaching staff, and the athletic department. the Lord has faithfully established relationships and has now opened this door for them in His perfect timing, and i'm beyond excited for them. it may even warrant a second trip to chapel hill before the clock strikes 2013. can i get a GO HEELS?!


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