March 10, 2012

i need a piece of pie

humble pie that is. humility is not my strong suit. i'll be the first to admit. i'm one proud polly...especially when it comes to sports or any type of competition. that being said, this past week was our first annual Family First Olympics and i was part of Team Aruba. we were quite the motley crew s you can see below.

credit: Lisa Adkins

lots of laughter and heckling from my team as our competitors gave it a shot. we were a confident bunch. probably bordering on arrogance, but we had the medals to back it up. oh, and did i mention that we took first place? and that i came from behind and dominated Daniel to win?

credit: Lisa Adkins

like i said, humility is not my strong suit. thankfully, Daniel is a good sport.


live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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