March 8, 2012

the invisible becomes visible

the children of uganda. living in the "pearl of africa."

i know that twitter is blowing up with #stopkony, #KONY2012, #LRA, and @Invisible children right now. facebook is no different. we are seeing the power of social media to spread information. it's more than a trend, though it's "trending" worldwide on twitter. it's an injustice.

Joseph Kony's actions are nothing new. he has been abducting children for 26 years. that's longer than i've been alive.

children like these four ugandan children are taken under cover of darkness and are forced to kill, to mutilate others, and to become sex slaves. all as part of Kony's "LRA: Lord's Resistance Army." this is grossly wrong.

so at the risk of sounding like a bandwagoner, i ask you to take 30 minutes to watch the following video from invisible children. it is raw and honest. we must make a decision to act or to ignore.

"where you live shouldn't determine whether you live" -invisible children

live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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