November 10, 2011

save yo'self some cash

well, friends i'm officially proud of myself. i knew my distrusting, "you are sketchy and want my money and probably my firstborn child too" mindset would come in handy one day. that day is today. well, technically it was yesterday, but whatever. the moral of the story is that i done saved myself some major moolah by not trusting the lady in scrubs with the metal mouth pokers and the handsome, but married, man in scrubs and a white jacket.

yep, the dentist told me i have gum disease. (note: i've never been told anything more than "you should floss more" and "you have the kind of teeth that will put me out of business") and he told me my teeth can't be fixed until i pay $300 for them to kill the bacteria eating my gums. skew me whaaaa?!?!?!!

yeah. i promptly said thanks, i'll be in touch.

i lied.

i've ignored their phone calls (i think they eventually gave up on me) and in the meantime, have found another dentist who is far more trustworthy. in fact, homeboy's jaw hit the floor when i showed him the treatment plan and cost from the other dentist. i don't have gum disease. i have plaque buildup and gingivitis like every other american who eats food and doesn't brush 24/7 and floss 3 times a day. does anyone brush and floss 3 times a day? if you said yes, you lied.

back to the story...

dentist #2 is nice. short, but very nice. but turns out he played volleyball. automatic trust points right there. and he saved me $300 for the unnecessary gum disease cleaning plus another $300 for follow up visits. insane. oh, and he gave me toothpaste, floss, and a new toothbrush. the other dentist gave me nothing.

so yes, my skeptical nature led to a second opinion, which led to $600 that will remain in my pocket. or rather, in my savings account.

moral of the story: don't go to coast dental on south dale mabry in tampa, fl. and second opinions are probably a good idea for big expenses. :)


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