November 5, 2011


having your perspective shifted back into right alignment is not my favorite activity. it usually involves giving up something i've come to believe is essential to maintaining my current level of functionality or i at least feel like i've "earned" the right to "treat myself" to it. and while there's nothing entirely wrong with a little TLC here and there, the Bible is pretty clear about living with an attitude of entitlement. i am commanded to walk in humility as a response to the grace i have received. i mean, shoot. i'm a dead woman walking in new life. dang.

that being said, today was one of those days. actually, i've had a few of those days in a row. which is probably a good thing. i never want to lose sight of the eternal and the things that will remain at the end: the Word of God and the souls of men.

so, about that car i've been wanting, or that trip to New York, or a new headboard, hammock, dark wash jeans, lace dress, or bread pan....THEY DON'T MATTER!!!! and yes, all of those are things on my "wish list"...i'm all about the honesty on here, people. yes, the Lord can use those things as instruments to teach me more about Himself. He's creative....i am absolutely certain He can teach me about His character through a bread pan. no doubt. but, i believe that the money i'd spend on that bread pan that i really don't need, and the mental and physical time and energy i'd spend finding the one i like could be better invested.

my heart is being poked for more. tugged away from the temporary trappings of this world and towards treasures of an eternal value. i haven't figured out how i'm going to live in this mindset each day. maybe i never will. but i pray i come back to this place of humility and seeing God rightly for the rest of my days here on earth. i do not want to stand before my Master and hear that i was a poor steward of the vast resources entrusted to me. may i be faithful and live in a way that reflects eternity.


live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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Happy Kid City said...

I love the expression "away from temporary trappings of this world and towards treasures of an eternal value." Beautifully said.