August 27, 2011

kinda like a sorority, but better

i can't tell you how flipping excited i am today!!!!! i'm headed north to gainesville with my friend ali who's in town visiting.

why, you ask? oh, because CAROLINA VOLLEYBALL is playing at UF tonight. and those iz my girlz!! never mind the fact that i never technically played with any of them and only know 10% of their names. eh, they're family. i mean, we're kinda like a sorority, but better. i know the seniors because they were recruits my senior season and i've kept up with them the past 4 years. that counts for something.

and........what's really exciting is that one of my teammates is back from playing in italy and she's an assistant coach. hollaaaaa!! can't wait to see my Heather! i'm PUMPED!!!!

i'll be in my carolina blue beaming with pride tonight. let's go heels!! RAM IT!!


live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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