August 26, 2011

don't go there

i've discovered that there are places in life you should never go. you end up doing things you wish you hadn't done. you say things you wish you hadn't said. and as my coworker vicki would say, they "lead you down the path to unrighteousness."

see where i'm going with this? well, the wal-mart on dale mabry here in south tampa is that place for me. i know better. i've been three times and every single time i walk away annoyed  and frustrated. people there iz rude. inconsiderate. uh-blivious. aaaaaand slow.

i should just not go there, but i haven't learned my lesson. i continue to occasionally return to wal-mart naively thinking it will get better. it's not every wal-mart that's like this. just this one. the branson wal-marts were fine. the one on the 76 strip was old school and you were practically guaranteed to see both "he mullets" and "she mullets" while you were there. the newer super wal-mart on branson hills parkway was just that. newer, nicer, classier. which is why i bought my groceries there most of the time. not to mention, it was more convenient.

so why can't the wal-mart here be like that? ugh! oh well, i'll do my best to stay away for as long as i can and take deep breaths before i enter again. patience iago, paaaatience (name the movie, anyone??).


live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.


KayCee said...

Aladdin! :)

PS - I feel the same way. Walmart was the place to be in Tally, but something about them in south/central Florida is just inherently frustrating!

bekah brinkley said...

glad to know i'm not the only one, KayCee!! :)