July 16, 2011

i am my father's daughter

for the past 7 years, my dad has given up several weeks of his summer to help mentor teens and mold them into better leaders through Broyhill Leadership Conference's week long camps.

i don't know any man who is better for this task than my pops. he has such a huge heart for teens. he wants to meet them where they are and spur them on toward love and good deeds. quoting a little Hebrews there, did ya catch it?

but as i've said before, my pops is a man of utmost integrity and he is a leader. i have no doubt in my mind that i get my love of discipleship and mentorship from him. like father like daughter, i guess you could say.

i love you dad, and i'm proud to have your genes. ;)

live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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