July 20, 2011

better than free cupcakes

so far i've been crazy blessed to have four, yes four, of my vb kiddos come visit me in Florida. gosh i love those kids so much it hurts sometimes. they were such a joy to coach. they genuinely loved each other and have continued doing awesome things together after our season has ended (insert jealousy that i'm not there). they were crazy respectful to me and bought into what i was teaching them, which is so refreshing. i'm not sure it gets any better than that. they know i'm crazy about them, but i'll say it again in case they have momentary amnesia. they're better than free gourmet cupcakes.

* * * * * *
sydney started the trend and did a little family vaca in orlando, so i made my way over to downtown disney to hang with them for a night. the thixtons are always an entertaining bunch and up to something. that night was no exception. did i play duck duck goose, wander through lego land, and eat a ginormous cookie? absolutely. i would expect nothing less.

next up was nicole and her fam doing a little sunning in clearwater. naturally, i made my way over to the beach and spent an afternoon in the ocean with her. and then got the privilege of doing lunch with her fam a few days later when they were headed to orlando for their last few days in the sunshine state.

and last but not least, kelsey and maddie flew down and stayed with me for a few days. little maddie that is. not to be confused with big maddie (who, rumor has it, will be down for a visit at the end of august). but, can i just say that i was thrilled that these two wanted to spend some of their summer vaca with their coach? they are quite the pair and are absolutely hysterical. we laughed more than the legal limit i do believe. our only requirement for the weekend was laughter, silliness, and all things awesome. mission accomplished.

all this to say, i miss my kiddos every day and can't wait to get back to missouri to see the rest of them eventually. they will always have a special place in my heart.

live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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