July 19, 2011

getting hitched

well folks, the bestie is getting hitched. and i. am. pumped! 2010 was full of fabulous weddings, but 2011 has been a bit of a wedding hiatus. my bank account thanks me, but i really do love weddings. luckily, i'm hitting the ground running again in 2012. obviously i have nothing to do with the timing of it all, but i'm thrilled!!

it looks like i'll be headed to NOLA in the spring. i love that city. i know it gets a bad rap (and rightfully so at times), but there's a lot of great things that happen down in the bayou too. i mean, how can you go wrong with beignets?? and my best friend is from NOLA. her love for that city is just plain contagious.

seriously though, kat has been a huge blessing in my life since the moment we met, which, contrary to popular belief, was not at the Institute. we were actually in the same K2 work week cabin. we just hardly saw each other because she was a photographer that summer and i was a counselor. and we worked separate terms. slight dilemma. but once we discovered we'd both be at the Tute the following fall, we started praying to be roommates. nothing wrong with a few shameless prayers thrown up, right? :)

our friendship was in for a crazy ride once we got to the Tute and we spent the bulk of our days together for 8 months. this girl knows me so well and consistently challenges the heck out of me. she listens to my ridiculous rants and puts me in my place. or she just flat out laughs at me, which also does the trick. i love kat so so much and hope that one day we'll be in the same city again. i'll throw up a few more selfish prayers in the meantime, don't you worry.

all that to say, i'm honored to be part of her life and i can't wait to see what the Lord does through her and Brad. they will take the world by storm. love love love them. congrats on your engagement and one rockin' marriage in the making. love you two!!

Kat & Brad in NOLA before Brad popped the question.

live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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