May 14, 2011

be strong. think fit.

that's my mantra every time i run. last night i ran a 3.6 mile adventure race at picnic island park in south tampa. it was fun to get out and see a part of town i hadn't explored, be surrounded by new people of all ages, and get in a good workout. i set out with the goal of running sub 40, but wasn't sure how that would work out with the sheer number of people that were running (there's always the bottleneck issue) and the fact that we were doing some trail running, running through mucky creeks, sand, and the bay. i didn't make my sub 40 goal, but i was close all things considered. most importantly, it was an adventure and it was a blast.

yesterday afternoon i wasn't terribly excited about the whole race and was pretty unmotivated to tell the truth, but i'm glad i laced up my shoes and went. it was lots of fun. and i got filthy!! i took a few pictures of myself pre and post race to share the experience with you as best i could.

pre race pic

post race pic

sorry if this grosses you out, but i earned a pretty legit blister. it's actually a blister on top of a blister. we all know how i love my battle wounds.

these trusty fellas got absolutely filthy. they're caked in sand and muddy muck. so worth it.

post race i picked up an info card about a mud race later this summer and i just might have to run it and cross that off my bucket list too. until then, happy running!!


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