March 11, 2011

this calls for a celebration

i almost don't even know where to start with this post. i'm trying to gather my scattered thoughts and rein them in for a semi-organized post about my new job. yes, new job. we'll see what comes out...

i'm about to pop with excitement. i mean, let's be real for a second. i wanted this job from the beginning. i was intrigued. curious. worth a shot. wanted to see where it might lead. did a little research. liked what i saw. had some phone calls. took a visit. fell in love. i was brutally honest and they still liked me. and they're willing to pay me to come and be part of their fabulous team!! 

sound familiar? college recruiting process all over again anyone?

seriously though, that's how i felt. kinda like that funky limbo phase where you really want them, but you're not quite sure if they really want you because you know they're looking at other people too. but you hope they really mean what they say when they tell you, "you're a very strong candidate." but what does that really mean? and you don't want to hope too much because you don't want to be let down brutally hard in the end if it doesn't work out. yep, i remember that feeling. and i'm glad it's over.

tuesday morning i put this verse to memory and reminded myself with it throughout the day. so fitting. so true.

"wait for the Lord.
be strong, and let your heart take courage;
wait for the Lord!"
[psalm 27:14, esv]

long story short, they liked me. they offered. i accepted. on the spot. no brainer. i wasn't expecting a job offer as a result of my trip on tuesday, but the Lord knew what He was doing. His hand of favor was upon this whole process. and i'm not about to argue. accepting the job made for a yummy dinner and a restful flight back to Branson, that's for sure!! shout out to Team Clyde for the celebratory dinner on Tuesday night. selman's...yum!!

so, details, you ask...?

i'll officially be working for Family First* as the assistant to the director of development and as an assistant to the president. funny how the Lord was orchestrating my steps when he plopped my job with Joe and Men at the Cross in my lap and said, "you're taking this." okay, maybe He didn't say it in so many words, but He was crystal clear then and He's crystal clear now. He knew all along i'd be headed to florida. i just hadn't gotten that far yet.

just in case you're wondering, i leave Branson thursday april 28th. i'll pull into tampa the next night (29th), unload and move my stuff in on saturday the 30th, and start first thing monday morning may 2nd. no one ever accused me of wasting time. :)

on a more serious note though, i learned a ton during the two months of officially being out on the public limb with my decision to move and no job lined up. i got some crazy looks when i told people what i was doing and why i was doing it. it's not like the economy is in my favor. but timeout, who cares about the economy when you have the God of the universe in your corner? honestly. why would i ever fear? or doubt. or question. or hesitate. He had this. He always did. and He always will. He has my life in His hands (along with the whole world according to the song i sang in preschool).

God is faithful and He will never lead me into defeat. never.

i believed that before (see this* previous post), and i still believe it now. i'm going out shouting it to anyone who will listen because i want everyone else to know it too.

He will not fail you.

it's easy to say i'm believing God this side of the job hunt, but honestly it's less satisfying. believing God when it seems ridiculous and crazy is what i want my life to be about. taking risks that seem completely unreasonable to the world, but absolutely necessary in light of the Cross.

more on that in a later post. this one is already getting long, so i'll spare you the list of ways i've seen His hand at work in the past few weeks. but let me tell you, it's worthy of a hallelujah, an amen, a victory dance with hands in the air, a whoop and a holler, grab a noisemaker, and get on your dancin' shoes kind of celebration. He is faithful to provide above and beyond all i even dream.

this is bekah, and i'm believing God for even greater things to come.

live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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Ashley said...

woohoooo!!! so exciting beks! i am pumped for you & your new adventure ahead :) go girl!