February 14, 2011

a valentine...

pink. hearts. love. flowers. letters. candy. red. cards. chocolate. hallmark. romance. those are things that i think of when the word valentine's day comes to mind. since i don't have a handsome man knocking down my door this valentine's day, i thought i'd share a list of some of the things i'd want if i did have one. enjoy!

ferrero rocher. fastest way to my heart. hands down.

furry mary jane slipper socks. heaven on your feet.

purple tulips. in a red vase. i like the red and purple. i'm not so much a fan of pink. [is this a foreboding of a future membership in the 'red hat society'??]

a circle diamond pendant. there's something simple and elegant about it that i just love.

a flirty little red dress.

purple pajama pants that are long enough (even after being washed and dried).

girl scout thin mint cookies. what is it about them that makes my mouth salivate at the thought?!

...so since there's not a handsome man this go around, i think i'll stick to the valentines package from my favorite valentine and his cohort in crime. they know me best anyway. i'm happy as a lark every year when i get mom and dad's valentines package in the mail. this year's fabulous contents??...

ferrero rocher [see, i told you!]
rice krispie treats
giant pink pen..."for the big jobs"
poppyseed salad dressing
heart-shaped art kit
green stuffed valentines frog that sings
two perfect cards

really, it's not the contents of the package that make me so excited each year...it's the thought that goes into it. i can tell that mom goes out and puts a lot of thought and creativity into filling a box with things that are both meaningful and funny to us.

i mean, who expects to open a valentines package and see a bottle of salad dressing?! but it's perfect!! [i've tried to find brands elsewhere, but the Ingles' store brand is my all-time fave and she knows this].

and the fact that she took the time to write little valentines messages on each rice krispie treat is beyond creatively thoughtful. seriously! dear future valentine, you have a really high standard to live up to. they've set the bar high.

mom and dad, thanks for being this girl's best valentine for 24 years!


live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.


Becca Christensen said...

My Dad bought us those diamond eternity circles for Christmas one year and I love love love it.

Anonymous said...

Love that your mom and dad sent that! I want to be that kind of mom when my kids are all grown up! janna