February 15, 2011

mk faves

after reading everyone else's beauty picks, i thought i'd do one of my own. except instead of listing beauty faves from across the board, i'm limiting it to my fave mary kay products. and in the event that you want to fall in love with them too, just hop on over to my sister's website by clicking here and shop 'til your heart's content. ps, she's placing an order this friday (feb. 18) so hop to it, my friend!! shameless plug, i know, but that's what a big sis is for.

velocity perfume. my daily staple.

oil absorbing sheets. best ever!!

acne treatment gel. zaps the zits. yes, please!

oily mattifying gel. like i've said before, my oily complexion is annoying. this stuff is awesome. it won't smudge your foundation. so great!!

make up remover. no sting. super quick and simple. i'm a fan for life.

peach satin hands. i love silky smooth hands. and it makes them smell good. bonus!

travel compact. this little guy is perfect for my gym bag and purse. it holds all the basics for a simple day look and works great for afternoon touch ups. love love love!!

hope you enjoyed a sneak peak into my personal mary kay staples. now all you need to do is go browse my sister's mary kay page and place an order so you can fall in love with their products too. not to mention, it's her birthday on saturday...so consider it a birthday present for her if you need an excuse. ;)


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