February 27, 2011

so, tell me about yourself...

considering the fact that i've been interviewing for jobs and i've had numerous phone calls and even Skype calls, i've done a fair amount of just that...tell people about myself. not my favorite thing to do.

don't get me wrong...i love to talk. just not about myself. i'd rather talk about you and what you're doing and what you like. not me. i'm not so much a fan of tooting my own horn or divulging my heart by putting myself out there.

[disclaimer: if you ask, i'll tell. i won't hide things from you. i just don't like to always initiate and talk about myself]

but, that being said, i've uncovered quite a bit about myself through this process. particularly from a personality test i recently took. so...i'm going to share it with you. technically, i'm writing about myself anyway. ;) so, without further ado, here's what i've realized about me, myself, and i...
  1. i talk really fast. even when i try to slooooooow doooowwwwwn, i still talk really fast. which leads me to #2...
  2. efficiency. i love being as efficient as possible no matter what the task. talking fast = more words per minute = more things accomplished. weird reasoning, i know. just being honest. but on a serious note...i do value efficiency. and quality. to me, efficiency is doing a quality job the first time. cutting corners means you'll waste more time in the end because you end up going back to re-do the job. do it right the first time and you're on your merry little way to job #2. excellence and efficiency all in one fell swoop.
  3. i don't like dilly-dallyers or people who aren't sure of what they want. figure it out and get back to me. if that sounds rude, i apologize. it's not me being impatient, it's just me being efficient with my time. my time: something i value very highly.
  4. i have mega respect for people who are driven. for people who know what they want and they go for it, whole-heartedly. it's contagious. if you're driven, feel free to be my friend any day.
  5. i'm my own worst critic and will always think i could have done a better job if given more time. still learning to live with this one. but for now, i rest in the knowledge that i'm doing the best i can with the time and resources i have right now. and doing it unto the Lord.
  6. i don't make quick decisions. i weigh all the pros and cons. i consider all the facts. i chew on it, pray about it, wrestle with it. then i decide and stick to it. spontaneity is not my middle name. more like strong-willed.
  7. i'm usually slow to anger, but when "enough is enough" i tend to explode. don't push me past my limit. the limit is pretty far, but once you pass it, turn and run.
  8. i keep my guard up. i only let it down when i feel comfortable in my surroundings and you've earned my trust. i don't trust very easily, so i come off as formal and reserved. but i'm not. i'm just scoping out the situation before i let you see the real me.
  9. i avoid confrontation. i'll keep my opinion to myself if voicing it would stir the pot.
  10. i strive to find the positive in every situation because it energizes me to solve the problem at hand. it also keeps me from becoming swallowed by the circumstances and turning into a "negative nancy".
  11. i have strong opinions and i believe in them. i've found a system for living that i believe in. all my decisions are made according to that system. i have a vision and i'm sticking to it.
  12. at times, i'm extremely competitive. it all depends on how passionate i am about the project or event. the more i care, the more i compete. and when i compete, i do not lose.
  13. i value communication. i'd rather get sick of seeing your name pop up in my inbox than wonder if you got lost walking to the break room for your 10:00 snack break yesterday. over-communication is my best friend. under-communication is my worst enemy. i pride myself on being an effective communicator.
  14. and lest we forget this little gem, i'm freakishly organized. multiple calendars and planners, spreadsheets, to-do lists, post-it notes, pens, clips, folders, files, bins, etc. i love them. love love love. disorder makes my skin crawl and my head spin. i don't have room for either of those in my life. bring on the obsessive organization.
  15. last of all, one of the personality tests showed me that i need people to be at least 3 feet away when they're talking to me. crazy and hilarious that it picked up on this little tid bit, but it's completely accurate!! i find myself gracefully backing away mid-conversation when someone is any closer. i need that buffer.
alright, i'm done talking about myself for a while. mom, i hope you enjoyed those tid-bits. you're probably the only one who cares anyway. maybe dad cares, but apologies to everyone else who suffered through that list. i promise the next post won't be all about me.


live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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