February 28, 2011

blue hue

for starters, let me begin with the disclaimer that my newest blue hue should never, repeat never, be confused with that "other blue" from that dirty school in durham, nc. do not be mistaken.

that being said, i've recently discovered my love of a certain shade of blue. insanely flattering on me and stunningly sophisticated. for as much as i love (almost) all shades of green, i've fallen in love with this fabulous shade of blue.

so, on that note, i just thought i'd share a few pics of the ways i'd like to continue integrating it into my life...

sapphire: my birthstone. simply stunning.

love love love the vibrancy of this bag...and the size. duh!!

colts blue, naturally. teamclyde faithful.

short, flirty, vibrant. all it needs are pockets.

caribbean getaway? yes, please!

fun, peep-toe heels.

blue man group. so talented!! i'd love to see it again (in English this time)

tulips. probably one of my all-time favorite flowers. maybe i should move to the netherlands?

blue glass tile. simple, yet special. exquisite.

hope you enjoyed my venture through my new fave blue hue! here's to adding more splashes of this gorgeous shade into my life each day.


live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.


Becca Christensen said...

Team Clyde think you're a great addition. We'd like to make you an officer, when we decide what offices need to be made. : ]

Naturally, I'm president. Bahaha.

Love this entry.


Anonymous said...

That blue is 100% from Durham. GO DUKE!!!!