February 23, 2011

pick me up

when i really need a pick me up, i don't turn to diet coke. i don't even turn to Andy's frozen custard. i don't turn to a new pair of shoes or a new dress or a fun accessory. i hit the office supply store or the container store.

i'm fully aware that the previous statement is the equivalent of me waving my nerd flag loud and proud. so be it. i'm an organizational freak. i love new pens, colorful folders, tabbed dividers, binders, post-it notes, clips, notepads, rubberbands, labels, and everything in between. they make my heart skip a beat and bring a smile to my face. yes, i'm weird. i know. but i just love new office supplies. love love love.

i wandered into Staples last night and spotted cute file folders, blank labels, and binders. $12 later, i emerged with a schoolgirl grin plastered to my face. a quick pick me up and a surefire way to keep me on task and de-cluttered during my upcoming move. i'll say it again. i'm an organizational freak. and i love every minute of it. 


live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

1 comment:

justjillian said...

ditto. to everything you said in your blog. I am a self-proclaimed organizational nerd! some people say it's OCD, I just think it makes me efficient. :)
love you!