February 6, 2011


that's the mess i've created in my floor today in an effort to finally finish scrapbooking my year at the kanakuk institute. i've added it to my list of 2011 goals.

i love scrapbooking. it's therapeutic. and i haven't done it in a while. yes, it can get tedious at times, but i always remember how much satisfaction it brings me when i can sit and flip through the organized and decorated pages full of memories. it's worth it. because, let's be honest...i'll never sit and dig through a box of pictures, but i will from time to time sit and flip through a scrapbook.

i have 40 pages left to read in book #5 for 2011, so i'm well ahead of schedule to meet my goal of 24 this year. that being said, reading will take a short hiatus in hopes that the extra time will be spent finishing off my institute scrapbook. i still have all 4 years of carolina volleyball to scrapbook after i finish this one, so i have plenty of work ahead. don't worry, i'm all stocked up on double sided tape.


live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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