January 15, 2011

heart of my desire

part of the Passion conferences setup is the opportunity to choose from a number of "breakout sessions." for my first breakout, I chose to hear Beth Moore unpack more Scriptural Truth. she added to her comments on the mind by unpacking Psalm 37.  Beth is captivating and entertaining with her honesty and Texan sass, but what draws me to her is the way she radiates passion for the Word of God and the way His Truth is ingrained in her lifestyle. God uses her to step on my toes.

as she unpacked Psalm 37 and discussed the desires of our heart, the Lord was speaking loud and clear. each of the six points highlighted was one more swing of the hammer.

1: nothing dictates our lives like our desires
2: beneath the desire of our heart is the heart of our desire
3: delighting in God makes our truest desires inevitable
4: nothing external can steal our right to delight
5: to make room for delight, we've got to commit
6: patiently waiting for desire to turn into delight is not passive

desire: sustained longing unaffected by mood or circumstances

i walked away with a fresh perspective and a resolve to make pursuing Him my number one priority. i want Him to be the heart of my desire moreso than i want Him to give me the desires of my heart. ultimately, when He is the heart of my desire, i'll have the desires of my heart.

this takes root by me inviting and allowing the Holy Spirit to flood over me and bind my fears. God will never lead me into defeat, so as i look ahead at where i want to be in life and plan how to get there, i can take comfort. His Spirit will bind my fears and i will pursue Him above all else. He is the heart of my desires.


live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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