January 28, 2011

a glimpse

here's a glimpse into my thoughts via a journal entry from january 3rd. passion 2011. day 3.

"may these four days be more than amazement and entertainment. may they be deep-rooted conviction resulting in change. resulting in action. resolve to pursue His glory above all and in all. nothing more. may we not commercialize, pollute, or make Kingdom work trendy. fill us with a holy awe and reverence for the way God is stirring our hearts and uniting the Body for a single cause. may we never cheapen His work and lose sight of Him. may it always be all for His glory and never for our peace of mind, status, or self-righteousness. true heart change. broken for the things and people that break His heart too. everything that we have and are for His Kingdom alone. His name and renown above all else."

live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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